Clinical Homeopath, Wollongong based Doula & Photographer

I am a passionate seeker, homeopath, creative, earth-tender, space holder, Mumma, lover, birth nerd, plant whisperer & folk herbalist.

From a young age, I understood illness & disease are not just physical in origin. Emotions & trauma cause disturbances in the vital force (energy system) which if not corrected lead to disturbance, and eventually pathological changes within the body.

Throughout my teenage years I experienced lots of health issues. I suffered with IBS, muscle pains and an embarassing skin condition that led me to wear pants all through high school (even on the hottest summer days).

These issues started after the divorce of my parents and no medical professionals seemed to be able to offer any help. When I reached year 11 my skin eventually cleared up with only scars left behind. Ten years later it returned, angrier than ever as I endured the stress of a violent marriage I felt like I could not escape.

My skin flare ups were sometimes so angry, I would intermittently end up in emergency with my skin raw and bleeding. The angry itch and pain too much for me to withstand and over the counter steroid creams not offering much releif. My skin, was demonstrating the anger that I did not feel safe expressing in my marriage.

By that time, I had already begun studying. First remedial massage and then homeopathy. One of my massage lecturers was a homeopath and as soon as she explained the way homeopathy worked – I was immediately hooked. It just made so much sense to me. What an intelligent system of medicine!

Whilst in college, I also picked up extra subjects like nutrition, Ayurveda and meditation facilitation. A combination of homeopathy and nutrition allowed me to finally overcome my skin issues and feel confident wearing shorts and skirts again. Homeopathy also played a big part in helping me overcome the grief and trauma I experienced over the course of my first marriage.

Ever the seeker, after years of personal practice I spent my 30’s studying yoga, meditation and tantric practice and philosophy, as well as running yoga studios in both Corrimal and Port Kembla. I am a senior yoga teacher and love yoga, because just like homeopathy works on the energetic system of the body (the prana, or vital force). Even though I don’t teach group classes anymore, you will still find yogic wisdom woven throughout my offerings.

I stepped out of clinical practice just before I had my first child and spent ten years as a family photographer and yoga teacher as it was much easier to work in around my young family. I couldn’t stay away though, and now I will never leave homeopathy again. 

Despite originally planning a homebirth, I ended up having a traumatic birth with my first child which ended in cesarean and post natal depression. We had moved away to a small country town where there was no support for homebirth and my choices were not only questioned but actively fought against every step of the way. It was exhausting. 

My second birth was an incredibly healing home birth at 43+ weeks, where i was supported every step of the way by my amazing midwife (Lou), doula (Bri) and an incredible community of family & friends who nourished me like a queen throughout the fourth trimester.

I have been a birth nerd ever since I fell pregnant with my first child. I doula every pregnant woman I meet, providing remedies, meals & emotional support. It’s impossible for me not to – so it was an obvious & organic evolution of my work to step into being a doula once my children were old enough for me to do so. 


All images of me, pregnant, giving birth or freshly postpartum by my incredible doula Briony Goodsell who can be found at https://sacredfemininecollective.com/

Other images of me by Serina Crinis who can be found on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/serinarosalea

All other photography by me.

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