10 Remedy Homeopathic Kit

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Current print available: Navy blue with flowers only.

Hand-crafted, ten-remedy homeopathic kit. 10 x Amber glass bottles, labelled with medicated pillules in the 30th potency (30c). The kit also comes with a small Home Prescribers booklet containing remedy profiles of the remedies in your kit, that can be added to as you increase your home dispensary by purchasing new remedies. Keep your eyes peeled for a wooden box in my shop that will house 46 remedies in total.

The ten remedies can be custom selected from the 40 remedies listed and described in the pictures provided or you can simply purchase the base list of ten that automatically comes with the kit on purchase. The base list is listed below. If you would like a custom selection of remedies please list all ten remedies in the “purchase notes” or “order notes” section as you move through the check out process.

  1. Aconite
  2. Anas Barb / Oscillococcinum
  3. Arnica
  4. Arsenicum
  5. Belladonna
  6. Chamomilla
  7. Gelsemium
  8. Nux Vomica
  9. Pulsatilla
  10. Rhus Tox

Please scroll through the gallery below to learn more about the remedies and their descriptions to help you decide what you might like to prioritise in your kit.