Poly Contraceptive (Group) Detox Protocol



The Homeopathic Poly Contraceptive detox program is an opportunity to clear the physical, mental, emotional and energetic mark left on your system by taking hormonal contraceptive pills. Homeopathic Detox Therapy is a side branch of homeopathy, called isopathy, whereby medicines are made from pharmaceutical substances that may have caused injuries or ill effects in someone. The product, in this case a combination of the most popular hormonal contraceptives has been prepared homoeopathically - which means it has been diluted and succussed (shaken vigorously) in a very specific way. The remedy is then given in ascending potencies over (usually) an 8 week period although it can be done over four weeks and the protocol is often carried out for a longer period if significant detox symptoms are being experienced.

We use this method of treatment in clinic when there are obvious injuries or a picture of "never well since" a particular drug, vaccine, or toxic exposure. It is best these protocols are monitored by an experienced homeopath in the course of constitutional treatment so that detox symptoms can be monitored and addressed if need be. There is also a specific order in which different systems of the body should be addressed. Hormonal always comes first then the other systems such as neurological can be addressed. This is why it is suitable for me to run a group program for the contraceptive pill but not particularly suitable for detoxing from other exposures.

This protocol is a cost efficient way to get the benefits of a deep acting treatment without paying for several constitutional appointments. I believe that every women who has taken any type of hormonal contraceptive will get some benefit from doing this detox. I also believe that completing this detox will ease the journey (rollercoaster) heading into peri-menopause and menopause, significantly.

Many women after completing the detox experience:

  • A decrease in mood swings, less anxiety and depression
  • A sense of lightness and more ease
  • Significant improvements in symptoms of PMS
  • Less emotional eating
  • A decrease in digestive symptoms and better bowl movements
  • Improvements in sleep and energy
  • Significant improvements in symptoms of PCOS & endometriosis


The group detox program includes:

  • The remedies to complete the Poly Contraceptive Detox (four in total to be taken over eight weeks)
  • Two extra remedies (Sepia & Folloculinum) for hormonal health that support the detoxification process and ease symptoms of detoxification.
  • Video & written instructions on how to take the remedies and support yourself throughout the detox process.
  • 1:1 text access to me via What's app so you have the support and guidance of a homeopath throughout the duration of the protocol (and four weeks after)

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