The ABC’s of Homeopathy: Aconite, Belladonna, and Chamomilla

Unlocking the Healing Powers of Aconite, Belladonna, and Chamomilla for home first aid use

Homeopathic first aid for home use… where do we even start? Well, at the beginning is usually a very good place. So let me introduce you to the ABC’s of homeopathy and three of our top remedies for first stage of fever and to prevent the onset of coughs and colds. In our Materia Medica we have such a vast array of remedies it can be overwhelming to decide – where do I start? What remedies should I ensure I have on hand first? Aconite, Belladonna, and Chamomilla stand out for their diverse applications and profound healing properties. Let’s explore the unique benefits of each in detail.

A is for Aconite:

Aconite, derived from the plant Aconitum napellus, is often referred to as “monkshood” or “wolf’s bane.” Despite its poisonous nature in its raw form, when prepared homeopathically, it becomes a potent remedy for various ailments.

Often referred to as “homeopathic aspirin”, Aconite is particularly renowned for its effectiveness in addressing sudden onset conditions, such as fevers, inflammations, and acute anxiety or panic attacks especially shock or trauma following injury or fright. It is commonly recommended at the early stages of colds, flu, or feverish conditions, especially when symptoms develop rapidly following exposure to cold, dry winds or shock.

Keynotes of Aconite:

  • Fever and Inflammation: Aconite is beneficial for feverish conditions with intense heat and dry skin.
  • Anxiety and Panic: It helps alleviate acute anxiety or panic attacks triggered by sudden fright or shock.
  • Colds and Flu: Aconite can be useful at the onset of colds or flu, particularly when symptoms develop suddenly after exposure to cold, dry winds, as result of shock and/or when they come on in the middle of the night.
  • Great thirst usually for cold drinks

You could give Aconite at the very first stage of illness coming on, as soon as you get that niggle that someone is feeling a bit run down. You can also give Aconite as a preventative immediately after a shock/accident/traumatic event or after exposure to cold. 

B is for Belladonna

Belladonna, derived from the deadly nightshade plant, is a key remedy in homeopathy, known for its ability to address conditions characterized by sudden and intense symptoms (much like aconite). Despite its toxic nature in crude form, when used in highly diluted forms, it can provide relief for a wide range of ailments. Belladonna is indicated when symptoms include sudden onset of high fever, intense throbbing headaches, flushed skin, and sensitivity to light and touch. It is often recommended for conditions such as fevers, earaches, sore throats, and certain types of headaches.

Keynotes of Belladonna:

  • Fever: Belladonna is effective for high fevers with sudden onset, especially when the skin feels hot and dry to the touch. The patient will often have a flushed face with glass eyes.
  • Headaches: It can provide relief for throbbing headaches .
  • Earaches and Sore Throats: Belladonna is indicated for acute earaches or sore throats with sudden onset and intense symptoms. The ear or cheek can feel hot to touch and the pain feel throbbing.
  • Viral conditions: 

Any time you are looking at a condition (especially if it is viral in nature) where the keywords are hot, sudden, intense, red, flushed, throbbing – think Belladonna. You might find if Aconite hasn’t worked and the fever has progressed, Belladonna will be effective. 

C is for Chamomilla 

Chamomilla, derived from the chamomile plant, is a versatile homeopathic remedy with a wide range of applications, particularly in addressing conditions related to irritability, teething troubles, and digestive disturbances. Chamomilla is often recommended for individuals who are highly sensitive to pain and touch, and who may exhibit extreme irritability or agitation. It is commonly used in infants and children for teething pains, colic, and digestive upsets, as well as in adults for menstrual cramps and irritability.

Keynotes of Chamomilla:

  • Teething Troubles: Chamomilla provides relief for infants experiencing irritability, restlessness, and pain during teething. Especially with one red cheek and the other pale.
  • Colic and Digestive Upsets: It helps soothe digestive disturbances characterized by abdominal pain, cramps, and diarrhea, particularly in infants and children esoecially when the child arches their back.
  • Menstrual Cramps: Chamomilla can alleviate menstrual cramps accompanied by irritability and sensitivity to pain.
  • Ear ache / Otitis Media: Especially when the pain is worse from touch, from wind and the pain seems unbearable to them.

Teething is the first thing most homeopathic home prescribers think of when they think of chamomile – especially if the baby is extra clingy, doesn’t seem to know what they want, asks for something then doesn’t want it (maybe even throws it away – nothing satisfies). Chamomilla can be considered though for many conditions where there is marked irritability/anger and hypersensitivity to pain. 

A Complex Conclusion

The ABC of Homeopathy offers a glimpse into the vast healing potential of natural remedies like Aconite, Belladonna, and Chamomilla. Whether it’s addressing sudden fevers, intense headaches, or soothing teething pains, these remedies provide gentle yet effective support for a wide range of health concerns. 

Sometimes the three remedies are sold together as one remedy, in homeopathy this is referred to as a complex. Complex’s can be a great way to get speedy releif when you aren’t sure about what remedy to give, or want something fast, accessible and versatile. In saying that, I do believe it’s great to have all these remedies on hand as individuals. You can always drop one of each in a water bottle and use them at the same time, just like a complex, when needed.

Plus there is nothing more satisfying than “cracking the case” by choosing the right remedy at the right time and getting rapid results. This helps develop your confidence in homeopathy and yourself as an acute home prescriber. 

Have any questions about these remedies? Or ideas of what you would like me to cover next on the blog? Put your questions and any homepathy wins you have had with these remedies in the comment box below. 

Until next time friends, maybe we will even go through the whole alphabet!

I’m Kelly

I am a qualified Homeopath practicing on Dharawal Country, Wollongong NSW. I am also a herbal medicine maker, a creative & a facilitator of slow nurturing spaces for women.

My work in the world, is to help people return to  a state of vitality & belonging within themselves & the land on which they live.

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